The inability to obtain reliable underground utility information has long been a troublesome problem for highway designers in the United States. Many States utilize consultants to identify the quality of subsurface utility information needed for highway plans, and to acquire and manage that level of information during the development of highway projects. This practice is known as Subsurface Utility Exploration (SUE).

The benefits to SUE are:

  • Eliminates unexpected damage to utilities
  • Avoids unnecessary utility relocations
  • Reduces project delays and costs associated with them
  • Eliminates penalties or fines due to damage
  • Ensures safety during all phases of construction
  • Offers the ability to add utility layouts directly into design plans

  • Provides efficient surveying efforts that eliminate duplicate surveys
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Lowers project bids
  • Provides confidence in an on-time project completion
  • Minimizes disruptions for the public in traffic, phone and utility services
  • Protects the environment

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