Hydro-excavating is bar none the safest way to excavate in any situation; but, since many pipelines are buried in areas that are not accessible to hydro-vac units it has been impossible to safely expose these line… Until now.

Pro Serve Inc is proud to announce an innovative application that will be able to access of-road digs, marsh digs, and swamp area excavations. This unit is a compete hydro-excavator on floating tracks that will be able to handle pot-holing and open faced digs in areas where no hydro-vac has gone before.

Once a pipe has been located and marked for excavation it is actually at its most vulnerable point. Forty-seven percent of all damage to marsh area pipelines occur due to “insufficient excavation practices”. There are rules about operating mechanized equipment like track hoes near a pipeline, but is a 24″ rule enough to protect your pipe and your people? With the new Pro Serve Inc. Swamp Excavator we are able to access these remote areas in order to excavate these lines keeping employees and our environment SAFE.

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