Using the latest CCTV equipment we can provide unmatched quality, flexibility and reliability in sewer inspection. Trouble spots, such as cracked or broken tiles, offset joints, and intrusions are quickly and precisely located without excavation. Our software produces the most sophisticated – yet user friendly – data collection, analysis, reporting and archiving.

With this technology, Pro Serve Inc. offers you the most comprehensive reporting possible, including:

  • Data Collection
  • Video Picture Capture
  • Video CD-ROM Capture
  • Data Importing & Exporting

With extensive -and in most cases predefined – input possibilities, all data needed for your pipe inspection and rehabilitation plan can be quickly and completely registered. In addition to high-tech reporting, you receive the best in evaluation and archiving of pipe inspection results. Project information, pipe section observation and photos can be directly analyzed on screen. Data is stored on CD-ROM for retrieval in seconds.

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